Travel By Ferry

5 Reasons to travel by Ferry

Modern travel is all about getting where you’re going as quickly as possible. Lower prices for air travel means more and more people are hopping on jets for their holidays. However, there are lots of benefits to travelling by ferry. Choose better comfort, less pollution and even a safer mode of transport by travelling by ferry.

Ferries are more comfortable

What do you get with a first-class airline ticket? A little more leg room? A better selection of films to watch on your laptop-sized screen? Just enough space to eat a microwave meal off a tray? On a ferry, you can walk around inside or outside, visit a full restaurant and bar, or even go to the cinema. You can also lie down, if you like. If you want to be comfortable, a ferry trounces an airplane.

Ferries are safer than aeroplanes

We’re sure you’ve heard that planes are just as safe as driving. What you haven’t heard is that ferries are even safer than both. A typical year will see far more fatal accidents in air crashes than ferry incidents, as a proportion of total journeys made. This is partly because ferries are equipped with excellent life-preserving equipment and can quickly evacuate passengers to safety. Air accidents do not happen frequently, but the chances of survival are much worse.

Ferries emit less carbon emissions than planes

A plane creates 285g of CO2 per km and carries an average of 88 people. A ferry generates only 245g/km and carries many times the number of people. That makes ferries a far more environmentally-friendly choice for your travelling needs.

Ferries have more space

On most airlines, you can only take a little carry-on bag with you. If you’re spending more than a day or two away, you’ll have to fork out for extra luggage space. Travel by ferry and you can take as much as you like. This applies coming back home, of course, so you’re free to load your car up with as much cheap wine, cheese and beer as you like!

Sea travel is exciting

We believe that travelling on the waves will always be something special. When you get out in the fresh sea air and see the shore fade into the distance, it’s hard not to feel a real thrill of excitement. Next time your travel overseas, why not book a ferry ticket?