When it comes time to plan your family holiday there are a few very vital considerations you must bear in mind. First is where you are going, and second; how you are going to get there. If your planning on taking the family on an intercontinental holiday, say to the US or Australia, then you’ll probably have to travel by plane.

If, however, you’re thinking more along the lines of continental Europe then your options are a little more open. Sure, you could get a flight. It’s quicker right? Well, not necessarily. By the time you’ve got everyone to the airport, wait around for the flight (hoping there are no major delays), picked up the hire car at the far end and found out where you are going, it might take you longer than you may first have thought.

Boat Vs Plane

Many people think that travelling by plane is quicker and easier. As we’ve seen, that’s not necessarily the case. Of course, it very much depends on where you’re going but there’s nothing to say that flying will be quicker. It certainly isn’t going to be much cheaper. Low budget airlines might offer some great deals but with hidden costs and taxes, not to mention connections and taxis, it can soon add up. Take your own car, pay for the ferry, fuel and EVBC breakdown cover and that’s it. You’ll have a much clearer idea of how much everything is going to cost.

When you look at the cost of a ferries to Ireland with a car (which could be less than £100) then you realise it could be significantly cheaper than paying for four sets of return flights. The same is true for a number of European destinations. Visit FerryEurope.co.uk for more information on all crossings within Europe.

What About The Train?

Of course, there is the Channel Tunnel to consider. In some cases it will certainly be quicker to get to parts of Western Europe. However, if you are planning on holidaying in Ireland or Scandinavia, then it’s of little use to you. The Tunnel is an amazing feat of engineering but it is a one-off, and only really useful for some holiday destinations.

So, as you can see, the ferry is a really efficient and cost-effective way of getting about this summer. The price and practicality are not the only things going for sea travel. It’s also a really relaxing way to move. Once on board, leave the car in the hold and explore all the facilities the ship has to offer. Top-notch restaurants, bars, viewing decks and even cinemas mean that boats are great places to relax. So, even if it does take a few hours longer, they’re hours spent enjoying yourself, not cramped into a tiny budget airline seat with nothing to do or look at other than the back of the seat in front.

Travel should be all about experience and enjoyment, and going by boat definitely holds all the cards when it comes to meeting these criteria. Try it this summer to see for yourself.